The School of Cybernetics was established in early 2021 at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science as one of three Schools: Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics.


We are establishing programs that blend education, research and engagement to create a new generation of practitioners who are ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Cybernetics is at the heart of our work and is a tool that sparks new ways of thinking and doing. Through our programs we are building a new branch of engineering to safely, sustainably and responsibly scale cyber-physical systems. We focus on systems as a unit of analysis and driver of action for industries working with complexity and we are generating new approaches to shape the future through and with technology.



Why cybernetics?


Cybernetics started as a remarkable set of conversations that represented an attempt to constitute a new body of knowledge and a new discipline. These conversations were a clear and deliberate examination of the role of technology in our lives and revealed new kinds of possibilities for the future. Cybernetics offers a way of transcending boundaries, of thinking in systems and ensuring that humans, technology and the physical environment are in the frame as technology advances and transforms the world around us. It is a way to imagine humans steering technical systems safely through the world. At the School of Cybernetics, we are curating the next set of conversations, and reimagining cybernetics for the middle of the 21st century. Will you join us in changing the world?

Meet our Director Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell

Artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems


Genevieve Bell is a cultural anthropologist, technologist and futurist best known for her work at the intersection of cultural practice and technology development.

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Cybernetics and systems engineering

Talks by Genevieve Bell

Hear more from Genevieve by exploring her catalogue of talks on our YouTube channel. 

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