Adrian Schmidt | Educational Developer


Adrian Schmidt


Science communicator. Tinker-space facilitator. Baker. 


Adrian is an experienced science communicator and tinker-space facilitator with a passion for science, interactivity and play.


In 2020, Adrian received a First Class Honours Degree in Physics, where he studied the efficiency of quantum information storage. A childhood of watching too much Mythbusters left Adrian fascinated by science communication and understanding the thought processes behind effective problem solving. While undertaking his degree, he worked as a science presenter at Australia’s national science centre Questacon, sharing his love of experimentation through both iterative design workshops and interactive science experiments.


While studying, Adrian also designed graphics for the ANU magazine, Woroni, and explored fields beyond physics including economics, design, and Bayesian statistics. He is particularly interested in the science behind the minutiae.


In his free time Adrian enjoys learning and applying new skills - particularly in baking and programming. He finds making great sourdough, macarons, croissants and croquembouche just as satisfying as learning to build a web storefront or phone app.


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