Ellen O'Brien | Engagement & Impact Coordinator

Ellen O'Brien


Connector. Driving force. Writer.


Ellen O’Brien has pursued several disciplines in academic study including Creative Writing, Digital Environments and International Relations. The through line isn’t always obvious at first glance, but Ellen is driven by curiosity to understand where we are headed and why. Knowing how to explore these ideas through different forms and frameworks has been her motivation and fascination. Ellen’s research thus far has considered the role of power and politics in global migration. At the School of Cybernetics, Ellen loves to bring projects to fruition and bring people together around interesting ideas. More broadly, Ellen loves stories of all kinds; she loves learning about big ideas and the groups behind them, and she loves being with people and in places that make her think differently.


Ellen’s first apartment was decorated like a Berlin bar with toadstool fairy lights, ferns, a collection of fancy beer bottles and a stairway in her living room that went nowhere.


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