Hannah Simpson | Educational Developer

Hannah Simpson


Reformed philosopher. Professional explainer. Cooker of vegetables.

Hannah is an Educational Developer at the ANU School of Cybernetics.


Prior to joining the ANU School of Cybernetics, Hannah completed a BA, BA(hons), and MA in Philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington. Hannah’s philosophical interests are primarily in human-centred, real-world issues, which allow her to combine the theoretical with the practical. Her Honours thesis focussed on the public debate of euthanasia in New Zealand, and her Masters thesis constructed a new, functional account of epistemic injustice. Both of Hannah’s postgraduate degrees were awarded highest honours.


Hannah’s professional experience is in university tutoring, industrial psychology research, health administration, and management consultancy. She values working collaboratively, helping others, and bringing clarity to complex topics.


Outside of work, Hannah enjoys cooking, reading, and spotting local wildlife.


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