Kathy Reid | PhD Candidate

Kathy Reid


Open sourceress. Coder. Knitter.  


Kathy is a PhD candidate at the School of Cybernetics. Kathy has a wealth of experience in technology, management and industry leadership roles. Prior to joining the first ever 3Ai Masters cohort, she was responsible for growing the technical open source community around machine learning, AI and multilingual projects as Director of Developer Relations at Mycroft AI. Kathy has been at the forefront of the open source community in Australia, having spent several years on the board of Linux Australia, including 2 years as President, formulating and executing their strategic plan. Prior to that, she spent several years as Platforms and Operations Manager at Deakin University, working as a technical lead on web platforms and operationalising emerging technology such as videoconferencing and digital signage. At 3Ai Kathy developed an open hardware sensing mastectomy prosthetic, based on Raspberry Pi. Kathy commenced as a Voice Open Source Specialist at Mozilla in May 2020 and has since developed a playbook for training speech recognition models with DeepSpeech.  


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