Paul Wong | Senior Lecturer

Paul Wong


Data practitioner. Analyst. Logician. 


Paul Wong is a Senior Lecturer at 3Ai within the School of Cybernetics.  He completed his PhD with the Automated Reasoning Group in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering at the ANU.  


Paul was formerly a lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of Wollongong, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Commonwealth Grants Commission, and a Defence Analyst with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. 


Over the last decade, Paul has been a data practitioner covering all aspects of the strategic use of data as an enterprise and national asset. Paul has managed enterprise class systems and data, played a key role in the establishment of a national consortium to support digital research infrastructure, and contributed to the improvement of research data management practices nationally.  Since 2014, Paul also founded a private consultancy business to provide strategic data advisory, analytical and training services for organisations.   


"Mysticism might be characterized as the study of those propositions which are equivalent to their own negations.  The Western point of view is that the class of all such propositions is empty.  The Eastern point of view is that this class is empty if and only if it isn't." - Raymond Smullyan 


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