Sam Backwell | PhD Candidate

Sam Backwell


Educator. Game designer. Sailor.


Sam is a PhD candidate at the School of Cybernetics. Sam believes education is more than just a set of facts. His passion is to create and run programs that celebrate the complexity and diversity of our world and the people in it. Sam has a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) and First Class Honours in Theoretical Chemistry, as well as a Masters of Applied Cybernetics from the 3A Institute. He has worked at the ANU as an Academic Developer, creating and running programs helping first year students orientate to and immerse themselves in the academic worlds of science and computer science. Sam also founded a start-up in Boston, Project R, which sought to broaden people's perspectives and pass on powerful, practical problem-solving tools through truly entertaining and memorable activities. Sam has brought his love of problem solving to understand and elevate the everyday tools and ideas we all use to navigate the world around us. Sam is a keen sailor and surfer, teaching sailing at ANU and chasing waves up and down the coast.


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