Zac Hatfield-Dodds | Researcher

Zac Hatfield-Dodds


Interdisciplinary researcher. Python expert. Professional juggler.


Zac is a Researcher at 3Ai within the School of Cybernetics. He holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with first-class honours from the Australian National University, where he studied a wide range of topics including computer science, moral and political philosophy, and environmental and social sciences.  His Honours thesis described Indigenous calendars and linked traditional knowledge to weather observations to better characterise tropical seasonal patterns.


Zac also maintains or contributes to a variety of open source projects, focusing on software correctness, data science, and community praxis.  In previous roles, he has designed, implemented, and supported data analysis and reporting pipelines for stakeholders at multi-terabyte scale, taught both theory and practice of supercomputing for environmental sciences, and published several visualisation and performance upgrades in scientific Python packages.


He claims to have spent his youth training with a circus before running away to join the university - we're not sure how much of this is true, but we can confirm he has suspiciously good juggling skills.


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